About Us

Who we are?​

Company : Wuxi Smart Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.​

The company has continued to focus on the design, R&D, manufacturing and global sales of ergonomic products. So far, it has opened flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms at local and abroad, achieved great sales performance and market feedback.

The company has successively applied for registration of brand trademarks "BEWISER" and "PEPSICAL", and has obtained relevant national patents for some products.

The company has perfect structures, one R&D department, one technology department, one production department and one sales department, then we can monitor the whole process of product quality and cost control.​ We especially focus on the users’ experiences, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

The company has created an independent official website, hoping to cooperate with more domestic and international related industry buyers, wholesalers, retailers or engineering companies. SMART will offer customers with very competitive prices and efficient services.

What can we do?​

As a factory based enterprise, we specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of ergonomic products. We hope you can spend a few minutes learning about our products and services.

Our company has designed and developed a variety of digital accessories, such as: mobile phone stands, notebook stands, monitor stands and TV stands, etc… These products can be used in all scenarios and the customers' experiences are perfect.

Our entire product lines are manufactured by our own factory. The quality and cost can be well controlled. We also obtained relevant patents.

Our company has flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms around the world for products display and retail purchase. We also have our official website for B2B prices inquiry and after-sales services.

We are happy to accept customers’ modification and customization ( OEM or ODM ) based on our existing products.

Our company has complete production lines, superb technology, fast delivery speed and good cost control.

You are welcome to visit our company at any time. Once there is an order for our cooperation, all the money you pay for samples on your local e-commerce platform will be fully refunded.