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Wristband for Kids Compatible with Apple AirTag

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High-Quality Material This watch band case for apple airtags is made of soft silicone, easy to clean, anti-fingerprint, scratch resistance, drop protection. is specially designed for Airtag.

Design Description This bracelet for Airtag is specially designed for kids and children, that is skin-friendly and won't rub, material safe and non-toxic. We also designed many colors and patterns for children to choose from.

Easy to Use Slide the AirTag in wristband with the Apple logo facing up, it can locks aritag precisely and securely, user-friendly installation. The watch straps on both sides can be easily worn on the child's wrist, so you don't have to worry that the Airtag will be drop away or broken when playing.

Perfect Fit The size of the product can be perfectly compatible with AirTag. Our protective cover for Airtag will not shield signal. Wearing the wristband cover will not hinder the positioning function.

High Performance The highly elastic housing allows it to cushion impacts so that the Airtag will not be damaged when the wristband dropping. (Maintenance method - can be cleaned with water and wiped down to make it look new)

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