What should know about WS-2 Wall Mounted Tablet Holder.

What is WS-2 Tablet Wall Mount?

As the name said, the wall mounted tablet holder allows your tablet to be affixed to a wall in any commercial, office, or personal environment.

You can find tablet wall mounts used anywhere from your local restaurant to schools, businesses, corporations and government agencies.

The benefits of mounting your iPad to a wall, rather than a counter, desk or freestanding pole, include:

  • Space-saving
  • Convenience
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Practicality
  • Hidden cables
  • And more

Mounting types

The BEWISER wall mount tablet holder is easy to install on any wall and comes with mounting hardware included.You can choose to perforate the wall and fix it with expansion screws.Or use 3M stickers to secure it on a smooth surface.

How the iPad can be used by WS-2?

You might want more flexibility in the iPad’s positioning, which a wall-mounted stand is more likely to provide.The WS-2's multi-angle, high-low adjustment solves these problems. 

Will it need to tilt?

If the device is to be used regularly by multiple staff members, it might need to tilt for ease of access and use.

In this instance, a wall-mounted stand is a better option than fixed directly to the wall, with multiple options available to allow this flexibility.

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